Times Recommends Overman for Hillsborough County Commission

The Tampa Bay Times

Times recommends: Hagan, White, Smith, Overman for Hillsborough County Commission


Kimberly Overman

District 7 (countywide)

Kimberly Overman has spent years working to improve Hillsborough County, through her civic work and volunteer service in local government. She has a clear vision for protecting neighborhoods, strengthening the economy and protecting the quality of life in urban and suburban areas alike.

Overman, 60, a certified financial planner, has lived in the county for 34 years and served on a variety of neighborhood and government planning boards. She has sensible views on how to better manage growth, invest in transportation, and use housing and land use to build a more sustainable region. She supports a robust mass transit system, smarter land use, collaborative approaches to urban infill and closer cooperation on regional issues.

Todd Marks, 48, a Tampa attorney, said the board needs "consistent conservative principles." Yet the Republican supports the commission's decision in 2013 to give $6.25 million in subsidies to attract a Bass Pro Shops near Brandon. He talks of the need to slow sprawl, but he doesn't offer a cohesive strategy for improving transportation or making smarter land-use decisions.

Overman has thought through the challenges Hillsborough faces and the responsibilities of a county commissioner. She is a doer who would make county government more responsive and accountable. Green Party candidate Kim O'Connor, 70, who resigned from a conservation board in June following a controversy over marijuana found in her hotel room on a board trip, is also on the ballot.

In the countywide race for Hillsborough County Commission District 7, the Tampa Bay Times recommends Kimberly Overman.

Kimberly Overman
Democrat, 2018 Candidate for Hillsborough County Commission,
District 7 County Wide
4610 N Central Ave
Tampa, FL 33603