"As a strong advocate for our community, I have learned there is only so much one can do as a volunteer. Sometimes it takes being in leadership.


After watching the continued lack of leadership of our County-wide Commissioners, especially this year in the areas of transportation, economic and land use, and racial justice, I just can’t stand on the sidelines anymore.


I believe in smart planning and fair policies that serve all of our communities. One size does not fit all and policies that ignore large segments of our County and citizens is not good government. We can do better.


I believe voters would be interested in seeing a new face on the County Commission that is committed to serving the citizens of Hillsborough County by focusing on four primary areas: Transportation, Education, Economic Opportunity, and Leadership." - Kimberly Overman



Issues That Require New Leadership

Transportation: By focusing on transportation first, our citizens can benefit by having transportation alternatives that permit access to good jobs that support their families and financial foundation

Education: A solid financial foundation allows our investment in education to flourish as our children are well cared for in healthy communities and schools, and a well-educated workforce in a community.

Economic Opportunity: A functioning transportation system supports the existing and new businesses we need to attract in Hillsborough County.

Leadership: Leadership creates trust in a community. The lack of leadership in the area of transportation has led to protests against TBX, a failed Go Hillsborough plan, and a lack of a voter referendum to address our transportation deficit. The leadership needed to implement smart policy has an important ripple effect that matters to the citizens of Hillsborough County.

Kimberly Overman
Democrat, 2018 Candidate for Hillsborough County Commission,
District 7 County Wide
4610 N Central Ave
Tampa, FL 33603